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|| random idea n° 4835955: creating a coloring book 

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Journal History

Actually updating Dragon Age Inquisition Charaters & Karitei.


Taymir, my super cute blonde mage acting like a NPC in Dragon Age Inquisition. She is an ice mage and cold never bothered her anyways (//gets slapped a million times). No matter how cold outside, she doesn't feel cold or feels sick because of it -- at the opposite, she cannot stand any heat. Even inside, by the hearth, Taymir is forced to go outside, or worse in the summer she stays inside, drinking frozen grape juice the whole day to cool down. She is soft-spoken and very sassy when she needs to be, but she basically flees conflicts and abhorres loud noises. You will never hear her scream, cry, or argue with you or in a very passive-aggressive manner.
In regular verse, Taymir acts like a healer at the service of the Inquisition, disguising her Apostate condition with stories about how the Blight forced her to retreat in the cold area of the Frostback Mountains now ten years ago. Her scars remain a mystery for a lot of people, including those who are close from her. She specializes first in ice then in spiritual magic (akin to blood magic in some aspects. Golems, spirit binding, enthropic magic... And many more spells.

My first love headcanons included she would become quite close from Krem Aclassi, though in Mayhem AU, she lives a happy life with Talien, an elvhen ranger.

Arainas, Taymir and Talien's son (Mayhem AU; Captain-Savvy ) is a soft-spoken mage. Blonde like father and mother, he had cool grey eyes, the features of Talien... And the magic of Taymir. Raised in the woods, far from any human contact, he was brought up into the Sulahnan clan and taught magic by his mother. Very loved by both of his parents, he reveals himself very chill, very interested into plants/healing craft/archery as well as very adamant to be the pride of his father.
So to respect his father's wishes (a bit to Taymir's worries), he ends up following strict military training in Skyhold, along with his best friends Mira and Anthony before hell broke loose with a mysterious discovery...
He also is desirous to court girls his age, and proves himself being quite suave and good at flirting.

You also have Garret, my ginger Inquisitor. Short, coward and an idiot in love with the tall princess Cassandra. He is a mix of depression, Elemental magic, self-deprecating humor, bad jokes and still kindness. He is not musuclar in anyway, or prone to throw himself in any fight to be honest. Despite his snark and his propension to aggravate any situation, Garret does his best to appease people and defuse complex problems with humor and self-sacrifice, by allowing people to redirect their anger/frustration on his unnecessary sarcasm. He is a big flirt, though it is only for show since he has zero self-confidence in himself and his seduction; he loves putting on a show, even after his amputation in Trespasser, always ready to throw more and more puns ! 
It is to be noted that he has a very antagonistic attitude towards Cullen, he considers him as being authoritative, a stick in the a** and a liar at times. Even if he sided with the templars during the main quest, it was mainly for a social image issue, and for the approbation of the people and the Chantry.

Ioreth is another Inquisitor. She a tall, darker skinned brunette (Indian/Arabic) with a big issue: she was made Tranquil a while ago for she was very unstable in her apprenticeship at Jainen Tower of Magi; he passed her Confrontation quite brilliantly but demons kept taunting her in her sleep and created a real disturbance in her studies. Proving herself remarkably efficient in her studies and her approach of the Fade thanks to theoric works of other mages from the Circle, she was sent serving in the Temple of Sacred Ashes for years, minding her own business: giving advices and discussing from theories and links between different religions as well as their possible junction into the Andrastian cult in History. She stumbles in the wrong room at the wrong time, hearing screams of the Most Holy... Her sudden connection to the Fade thanks to the Anchor grants her a temporary return to who she was previously: A cheerful, pure and good-humored girl with a looming paranoia.

Selvaneth is an elf, whose tribe has been decimated by a group of Venatoris when he was barely five or six years old. He has been fostered in regular AU, by a group of human mercenaries that raised him the hard way and made him forget about his culture; he is repulsed by anything reminding him of the elves, walking barefeet or speaking his native tongue so he prefers acting like a human. 
In Mayhem AU, he has been adopted by the Sulahnan Clan (Savvy&mines creation) and is the adoptive brother of Selvaneth & Lanari.
He is not a people person. Rude, unpleasant when sober, sore loser and ill at ease with magic matters, he is the official bodyguard of Taymir in her beginnings in Haven. Would he become her friend after that ? Nobody knows.

Rineth is a semi-elf, from the union of a city elf and a human girl living in the outskirts of Denerim. She is a warrior, under the command of Lady Pentaghast; fierce, loyal and patient enough to endure Errol's neverending rain of bad humour and complainings, Rineth is a sturdy built female, without much curves. Her brown hair are wavy and messily cut up to her shoulders with some grey hair here and there (which she attributes to her "idiot of partner"). 
She is not known to have any romantic relationship.

Errol is Rineth's partner in fight -- and partner in crime. The guy is a barbarian, probably a distant relative from the avvar but he never quite acknowledged his ascendance. Well barbarian, that's how Rineth qualifies him, and she wouldn't be really wrong. Very muscular and well-built, he has half of his skull shaved to the skin and the other half are messy curls of ashen blonde hair that did not see a lot of conditioner. Tribal tattoos covered his broad shoulders (runes mostly) and he misses a chunk of ear.
If you ask him about it, he will just reply with "Bear picnic !"
He is not known to have any romantic relationship... But his crush on Rineth is quite well known though.


Mayuri is the reincarnation of a divinity protecting  the deep forests and the mountains, after her execution in her previous life. Carrying the stigmats of a very brutal death and memory losses, she is prone to anxiety, violent anger outbursts as well as cynism, passive-aggressive behaviours and negative tendencies. Although she is not only bad traits: Mayuri is an impressive dancer, a skilled conversationalist and poet, literate and delightful when it comes to banters and small talks. She is also extremely sensitive under a thick layer of aloofness.
She has an uncontrolable fear or mirrors and any reflective surfaces at all, including waters. Her favourite colors are green and crimson, and her favorite flower is pastel peony.

Despite his scarred face, he is an overtly confidant man and a huge flirt. His behaviour is considered as manipulative, on the sociopath side and extremely unpredictable; he is known to have fleeting interests in things as well as people. The burns on his face are deep, making him unable to crease correctly his eyebrows or smile from the hurt side, his eye was also touched and left it permanently bloodshot. Jiro's artistic side is not widely known, it is a hobby he loves practising after a good night of sex and smoking, surrounded with various cups of tea or less calming substances. His fascination for the human body very often gives off either a creepy or very seducing vibe.
He was not exclusively a smuggler of forged weaponry, he also specialised in alcohol trade, prostitutes trafficking and opium dealings in the past. Rumours said he never abandoned his old antics !

He is the tallest and hugest of the crew, thanks to his sumotori physique. Unfortunately his carrier stopped because of a really nasty calf injury (even if rumours have worst reasons), and he recycled himself as bodyguard of sort, his stature more than intimidating for the majority of people. 
Soiichi is cheesy, loves corny jokes, is a very sensitive person despite what he appears, and also extremely romantic. 

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I updated my ToS, please read them.
I'm getting very tired of some behaviours.
life sucks but art makes it better
wip of a huge piece (hello Linelana )
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//offers all the saucy/cheeky nsfw slots
because drawing them will sure warm up my winter break

also i love lingerie.
Wip by fukugami
|| Much needed personal art time ! ;; v ;;    
|| sorry, yesterday evening has been a major freakout.
I am still not over it, it'll take time, please bear with me.

Back to regular schedule, with hopefully some art soon.


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